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    Arc posted an update 4 months ago

    January 18th, 2019: I haven’t been on here (well, really on here) in a bit. I have a paper diary that I’ve been writing in for the past few months and even then I haven’t kept up with it much either lol. Anyways I’m doing fine right now, I really am I feel pretty good most of the time and I think I’m finally just happy coasting. Life is good right now, I have no big complaints. Coming home from work last night Ken and I were riding in an Uber. He mentions a lot about how life for him right now is blissful, and that was pretty much the point of our talk. He brought up the night of the homecoming dance and we both agreed about how great, peaceful and amazing that night was. He says that’s how he feels all the time and that’s where us agreeing ended. I don’t feel complete that complete bliss all the time. I’m happy don’t get me wrong just not blissful. I just have this feeling that something’s missing. I know what I feel it is; a girlfriend. I know I don’t need a girlfriend I just want one. Eh good things come to those who wait and I just have to wait 🙂 and that’s ok. I have to remind myself of that. Well In other news, news I haven’t mentioned on here, work is great tiering but great i have not major complaints. All my associates are really fun to work with and tomorrow will make a month since I officially started working there and I’ve like it all so far. I guess the only complaint i have is them not scheduling me as much lol, but it’s the slow season soooo eh. I have a dream about Ken and I doing airsoft stuff together and I think I subconsciously view him as the rich kid who has everything when I reality he really doesn’t. We’re literally at or pretty close to the same level of privilege. So the dream was a bit funny. Welp all in all things a good, I’ve been opening up my shell, talking to girls, getting their phone number lol. It’s all good and I’m determined to continue this journey of betterment. I’m happy too