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The Moron's of Judge Judy
G20 Summit London 2009 – A Relatively Peaceful Day in London Really

I think the whole thing is just ridiculous. Yeah protest all you like but when you smash windows and pick fights in the name peace well.. what can I say? Not a bunch of people that attracts much respect and the majority will just focus on their stupidity then their cause. Having said that though it has been quite quiet this year – a couple of windows broken and 24 people arrested so I guess it was relatively peaceful, although not very good watching on TV (the news reporters almost seemed disappointed).

As a normal guy living a normal life, I am sitting on my couch watching the TV and wondering to myself – what are they fighting for? A lot of it is just completely confusing. For example a statement on a placard read – ‘Ban Money’. What on earth will that achieve? Another said ‘Capitalism Doesn’t Work!’ – as communism worked for Russia didn’t it. Am I missing something here? Obviously I am as why are people so passionate about whatever they are fighting for. We all want peace yes, we all want to live happy lives, but the problem is that as humans we want more then to sit around a campfire and smoke a peacepipe, we want to achieve, explore the moon, find a cure for cancer and expand. Like everything it has a negative side to it, we become unsettled and envious, greed sinks in and the strongest wins out. But isn’t this just evolution? Isn’t that why evolution decided that monkeys should evolve and become humans? Maybe a balance should be found, but to me Capitalism is just a form of Evolution.

Anyway, sitting here watching the news and drinking some wine.. life is good.

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