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The Moron's of Judge Judy
Katie Price (Jordan) – The Case of One Serious Fame Wh*re

I was looking on the internet for the exact meaning of the phrase ‘Fame Wh*re’ but wasn’t able to find anything precise.

Quack quack Jordan, Quack Quack
Quack Quack Jordan, Quack Quack

From the sound of it it seems quite fitting when talking about Katie Price. In fact using both words independently also works – very handy indeed!

In the past I didn’t mind Katie Price and Peter Andre with their ‘kooky’ antics, and in fact I used to stay up just to watch ‘Katie & Peter: The Next Chapter Stateside’ for a little light hearted giggle. The problem I have now is that after their already heavily publicised break-up Katie just doesn’t seem to go away. It’s like a old school friend whom you never quite new but didn’t mind too much suddenly appearing and wanting to be best friends! Yeah, it was fun when we were 10 but please, life goes on! At the moment she is so embarrassingly desperate to get people to read some trashy mag about her version of the events that led up to their relationship break down that she is reverting to her old tactics of fandangled sleaziness! Can anyone honestly take her seriously when she drapes herself with letters from her supposed fans and with a deep seductive voice to entice the viewer to buy the mag? Can anyone give a fat arse? Jordan, you are being pathetic!

Sigh! That is the reason for my little vent!

I have a list of celebrities that I find nauseously annoying. Well, it’s not an actual list, more of a mental note – I don’t want you to think that I am obsessive. Of course Victoria Beckham and Heather Mills are up the top. Now, I’m sorry to say Katie, you and your perma-tanned face has shot up from an almost insignificant mosquito buzzing annoying to Pat Ferrari from that Sally Raphaël talk show annoying – who is one anusly annoying wench I might add!

Unfortunately, I don’t think that Katie will get the hint that all products have a used-by-date. She may have found it easy to show some silicon cleavage in the past for a bit of coin but like all plastic-wrapped chickens they only have a very short shelf life. Sad? Perhaps, but this chick is destined for the bin and lets all hope for the sake of our sanity it is sooner than later!


Bad Voices, Bad Arrangements, Bad Harmonies, Bad Lashes

Here we go again. Four desperate girls who obviously took to heart when their tonedeaf grandmothers told them that they have such amazing voices, are trying to create the next girl group sensation! The groups name? Bad Lashes. Urgh!

To give you a bit of a background.

Bad Lashes were a contestant on Britain’s X Factor 2008 and sung an acappella version of Crazy by Gnarls Barkley for their initial audition. Although completely murdering this great song by over ambitious and badly arranged harmonies they made it through with 1 No and 2 Yes’s.

Throughout X Factor’s filtering process it continued to be apparent that these ‘Hairdressers Trying to be a Girlband’ were completely out of their depth and was very painful to watch – like an uncle making rude jokes at a christening. They have no understanding about creating anticipation with their harmonies and was as though each one of them were competing on being the loudest with their vocal masturbation.

I shouldn’t say that they have bad voices as I’m sure that with some coaching that they one day may sound ok. But for the moment I suggest that they keep quiet, get some lessons, change their name and apply for a job singing old classics at the local old people’s home.

What a Moron! – Wendy Moore – Judge Judy

Sorry guys, looks like CBS has ordered YouTube to remove the video. I will see if I can find another copy soon.

Wendy Moore – one sad sack of a woman.

The story goes like this. Derrick Moore, Moore’s son, was listening to music in his mom’s car with his friend Perry-Anne when they decided to take the car for a drive. So they took the car to Perry-Anne’s friend down the road and on the way back they had a terrible car accident and Perry-Anne was killed. She was only 16.

Now a normal mother in that situation would be extremely sorrowful especially as she allowed the children to be in the car with the keys and in fact allows her son to drive the car on her property even though he is not qualified. But instead of this normal reaction she instead decided to sue Perry-Anne’s mother for the cost of the car and for Derrick’s medical expenses!!

Maybe I missed something, perhaps I’m not worldly wise or maybe I’m a little harsh in my thoughts, if so please forgive me when i say that surely this woman is one cold hearted, self centered biatch!! I bet a thought crossed her mind to report the car stolen so she could get an insurance payout but then backtracked as her son was also in the car.

Whatever her reasoning the fact remains that she gave the method for the teenagers to drive the car knowing that she allows her son to drive it and left the keys in the ignition.

Watch the video and let me know what you think!

What I know about Wendy Moore
Full Name Wendy Moore
Job National Guard Administrator
Top Gear or Top Geraniums?

What is happening with trying to feminize everything now-a-days? Dr Louise Livesey is a complete moron if she believes that by trying to change such a brilliant show to become more feminine she will win any respect from the everyday laymen or from her peers. What is she thinking?

Basically the Equality Bill was passed in the UK which encourages employers to take action to widen diversity in the public sector.

Top Gear, as do a number of other programs,  falls under this Bill as it is owned by the BBC – a publicly owned entity.

So it appears that Drrr Louise Livesey, a tutor in sociology and women’s studies at Ruskin College in Oxford, thought that this would be a good opportunity to jump on the ‘sexist bandwagon’ and said of the show that it was “entrenched with institutional sexism”.

Ahem.. I am sure we would all agree that most of the programs on TV are focused towards the fairer of the sexes, and if you feel different then I would like to propose a challenge by asking you to get today’s, or any days, television program and have a look.

It was claimed that, not only are the 3 hosts all male, the show had a ‘boys club’ production team and more male guests than female.

Andy Wilwan, Top Gear’s executive producer claimed that it was “utter drivel that the show excluded women, and asked if it was geared so harshly towards men then why is the audience almost half women?”

He continues by saying, “Secondly, if we are to have a female presenter just to represent the sexes, then by that logic Loose Women needs a bloke in the line-up pretty sharpish.”

“I actually believe these sorts of mandates are patronising to women viewers, because they assume that women can’t enjoy a show’s presenters on merit, but can only appreciate a program if spoken to by one of their own sex.”

If Top Gear is change then I know for sure that it will lose a majority of the viewers. Not just the male viewers but the female as people love the show as it is.

A Doggie Dilemma – Ellen DeGeneres

Ok, the story goes like this. Iggy, a cute little black Brussels-Griffon is lonely and needs a home. Ellen DeGEneres sees the dog, falls in love, then decides to adopt Iggy from the non-profit org that finds dogs a home. Iggy is not accepted with the local posse (aka the cats) that rules Ellen’s haunt. Ellen decides to give Iggy, whom she loves, to a trusted friend and her children who falls in love with Iggy just as Ellen did. Everyone’s happy right? Well not everyone. The non-profit organization by the name of Mutts and Moms is not happy that they were not involved with Iggy’s change of home, ego is hurt, they take Iggy back, cage him up, and now are looking for a home for this poor little dog.


Mutts and Moms, whose sole purpose is to find dogs a home that will love and look after them, takes back the darn little thing from a home that loves and looks after him to then find a home that will love and look after him. (Dizzy Spell). Who decided to give the boss of this company a job? Surely a Toy Doll Assembly line would have been more appropriate. They are going against the very reason why that organization exists? Am I missing something?

They are claiming that Ellen breached the contract that she signed stating that if the adoption doesn’t work out then she should take the dog back to Mutt’s and Moms and they will find a more suitable home. But surely the end in this case justifies the means. Don’t you think? For this small non-profit org surely Ellen did them a favor in finding a suitable loving home for Iggy and that all that was needed was a few documents to be signed and then life goes on. Also, it’s hardly intelligent of the organization to cause such a fuss with someone so famous. Look, I am into everyone being treated equally and that includes celebrities. But surely the co-owners of Mutts and Moms, Batkis and Venessa Chekroun, could have seized the opportunity to help promote their organization, as they are non-profit that I’m sure has a very tight budget. But instead they do something that goes against all logic and it is now known as a small organization with a similar sized ego that is so easily bruised.

Now Batkis Chekroun is now receiving threatening emails/letters including some ‘death threats’. I’m not condoning any of this, but well what did they expect? Ellen is known for being quite a soft hearted lady with her own talk show that is doing extremely well. As Ellen tends to wear her heart on her sleeve, she started to talk about the situation on her talk show, amongst a lot of tears. This would have won the hearts of even more viewers. It doesn’t take the intelligence of nuclear physicist to know that it would not be a good idea to ‘upset’ such a person. Not to say that Ellen was using her program as a stage to maliciously attack the company that upset her, as I don’t believe that that’s in her nature. But having said all that, it has definitely hit a soft spot of the American public which have now reacted in this way.

This could have all been avoided if they had just thought it through, if they had thought about why they had started their organization in the first place and made the appropriate amendments. Even if it was not according to protocol.

At the end of the day, poor Iggy is still lonely and is looking for a home that will love and look after him.

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