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My Apple Has a Worm! | I Need to Vent!
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My Apple Has a Worm!

Lets face it, we all love Apple’s overpriced iToys. The feeling when you can finally prove to the world that ‘yes I am trendy – see I have proof’. It doesn’t matter the fact that their strict secrecy policies are beating their workers in China to the point of suicide, all is forgiven when you hear the soft ‘whoosh’ when you first open the box, the first touch of the crisp lines and first caress of its femine curves, and the first interaction with the intuitive UI. So luscious indeed!

My question is though, when did Apple suddenly become the benchmark of all things trendy in tech? When did this half eaten fruit gain its godly status? When did I fall asleep clutching my flag shaped Window only to wake up hungry for a bite of an Apple? Whatever the reason, there is definitely a trance inducing allure that falls on anyone unlucky enough to fall under its heavenly light, and I must say that I am finding it hard to resist.

The thing that is starting to annoy me most is not so much of the choices of computers out there that I should buy to fill that space on my desk. What really annoys me is that I have already made up my mind to buy an Apple Computer without really knowing why. I am finding that I am trying to convince myself that there are better options out there that are a lot cheaper and run a lot faster, but yet I am dumbly drawn back to where I was. It’s like trying to convince a homing pidgeon to go on a holiday, y’know somewhere sunny by the beach or something, only to find that he has flown back home again! ARGH!

I know Apple are evil, I know that their products are overpriced, I know that their fanboyz run around with their empty brainless smiles trying to convince you that their new found life is so much better than yours. So what should I do? Should I take a bite of this forbidden fruit? Are all things Apple so much better in iLand? Or is it just filled with empty promises of sunshine, lollypops and rainbows. Or then again, am I putting too much emotional energy into this, as well let’s face it, it’s only a bloody computer!

  1. Apple computers are just glorified pcs but with a different OS. Just look at it that way. Why not buy a flash pc and install MacOS on it?

    That's all folks!

  2. Very inspirational, yet painful at the same time. Killing me softly. Well written.

    At this point, after biting the apple and discovering the rout of evil..it seems to me that everything pisses me off at this point.

    The very already advanced technologies that we wish we could enjoy already have been in existence and yet we get the old stuff as if it was a new product. Unless you are a billionaire you can only get to enjoy the life of Batman.

    We all are victimized, not only the workers overseas but we as well all the way down to the core. Ok, Dual Core, cause is going to get worse. But everything that goes up has to come down, because apple trees can die no?

    On top of that, everything goes up in price but our salaries do not.
    So, this bring sorrow. At the end you find out that enlightenment is the ability to resist biting the apple.

    After the crime is committed and the objective is reached,
    the snake gets away with it nice, clean and free of blame.

    If there is no You, there is no Apple. Therefore the Apple does not exist.

    Have you had your apple today?


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